Student Resources

Our resources for students include documents from our hybrid course that support successful course completion for students with learning disabilities. We link to websites that complement our mission.

Online Resources

  • LDOnline
    Popular resource for basic and timely information on learning disabilities
  • DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology)
    Resources for students, educators and employers on increasing success of students with disabilities in academics and workforce
  • Job Descriptions
    Descriptions of over 13,000 jobs organized into categories
  • Job Interviews
    Resources that support job seekers in the interview process, including mock interviews for specific fields
  • Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
    National professional organization that links students with disabilities with employers, offers annual conferences
  • VocabAhead
    Free, short videos illustrating meaning of academic vocabulary
  • Job Accommodation Network
    Answers questions about job accommodations for employer,  employees, and job seekers
  • Entrypoint!
    Resource that connects students with disabilities who are interested in STEM careers with employers who are offering internships, mentorships, and other opportunities.